Team Eternity



Title: Co-Founder / COO 

Past Experience: Commercial brewer at Witch’s Hat Brewing in South Lyon, Several years of home-brewing experience, Graduate of University of Michigan with a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering (AKA “retired” mechanical engineer)

Hometown: Howell, MI

Favorite Beer Style: Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Other Interests beyond Beer: Dance, Star Wars, Family Time, Group bible studies

Random Side Note: Yes, I am obsessed with Star Wars. Don't ask me to pick a favorite. I actually like Episode I: The Phantom Menace and Episode VII: The Force Awakens. My wedding dress was designed esspecially for me after Padme's dress she was married to Anakin in at the end of Episode II: Attack of the Clones. 



Title: Co-Founder / CFO / CTO

Past Experience: Several years of homebrewing experience, Graduate of University of Michigan with a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering (and holding down the fort with a day job!).

Hometown: Holland, MI

Favorite Beer Style: IPA (India Pale Ale)

Other Interests beyond Beer: Powerlifting, Michigan football, Star Wars, Meals with family and friends, Volunteering at church

Random Side Note: I used to be so into powerlifting that for several months in college, I drank 4 gallons of milk per week. Now I don’t drink milk at all!






Title: Brewery Sergeant  / Aquaman / Patron Saint of Spiders 

Past Experience: Graduate of The University of Michigan with BSE in Earth Systems Science and Engineering, severe storm research, meteorological instrumentation design and operation, data analysis, substitute teaching, construction materials testing, and a ton of beer research (including literature, consumption and a few attempts at homebrewing).

Hometown: Cedar Springs, MI

Favorite Beer Style: English Porter, Imperial Stout, Wild Ale

Other Interests beyond Beer: College Football (especially MI), traveling, FOOD, other beer, cartoons, and literally anything else

Random Side Note: In college I spent portions of two summers targeting severe storms as part of a research project investigating the genesis of tornadoes. The first summer we drove 18,000 miles, targeted over 30 storms, and stayed in more than 30 different hotels in 10 states over 45 days. 




Title: Brewery Specialist / Master of the Custodial Arts

Past Experience: A few homebrews with mixed results

Hometown: Howell, MI

Favorite Beer Style:  IPAs & Stouts

Other Interests beyond Beer:  Boardgames, movies, disc golf



Paul H.


Title: Brewery Specialist 

Past experience: I have been a  homebrewer for the past 17 years.  Over the last 5, I have taken the craft a lot more seriously.  I have won a few awards for some of my beers and able to brew my best of show winning Dunkelwiesen at Right Brain Brewery. This was entered into the Great American Beer Festival competition last year in the Pro Am category.

Hometown: I was born and raised in New Jersey and spent most of my youth in East Brunswick.

Favorite Beer Style: My go to style is currently an IPA, but I am also very fond of Bocks and Stouts.

Other interests beyond beer: My other passion is high power rocketry. I have been licensed to Level 2 allowing me to fly motors about 1000 times bigger then the Estes motors that many people flew as kids.

Random side note: I am a Space and Sci-fi geek. I have followed space exploration since I was a kid, as well as Star Trek and Dr. Who.





Title: Brewery Specialist /  "The Cleaner" 

Past experience: Homebrewing experience until life got in the way. Local business owner for 12 years. 

Hometown: Greenville, MI

Favorite Beer Style: IPA, mead

Other interests beyond beer: Golf, running, attending sporting events

Random side note: I was a risk arbitrage trader for 10 + years and had a series 7 license.   





Title:  Taproom Captain / Sar-Bear / "Just Blame Sarah" 

Past Experience: Traveling adventures around Grand Rapids breweries and tasting locally

Hometown: Howell, MI

Favorite Beer Style: IPA and Hefeweizen 

Other Interests beyond Beer: Traveling, my dogs, kayaking

Random Side Note: I collect and shoot with vintage film cameras





Title: Squad Member / The Lumber Jack

Past Experience: Land serveyor, tank tester

Hometown: Brighton, MI

Favorite Beer Style:  porters, stouts

Other Interests beyond Beer: Wrestling (coaching), hunting, food, the outdoors, motorcycles

Random Side Note: I have big dreams for building big toys (mud trucks, rock climbers, drag cars)!





Title: Squad Member 

Past Experience: Ten years of drinking beer!

Hometown: Fenton, MI

Favorite Beer Style:  IPAs are great, hefeweizens are awesome, and any/all beers are the best!

Other Interests beyond Beer: Hunting, fishing, backpacking, shooting, kayaking, running and mostly anything outdoors and I'll be happy.

Random Side Note: I teach lessons, ask me what!



Title: Marketing Lieutenant / Taproom Sergeant / Shift Lieutenant / "Young One"

Past Experience: Managed an art studio fora few years in Virginia. It was rad.

Hometown: Petoskey, MI

Favorite Beer Style:  IPA, Porter

Other Interests beyond Beer:  graphic design, visual art, watching The Office

Random Side Note: "Escalators can never brak, they can only become stairs."



Title: Squad Member

Past Experience: Staples

Hometown: Brighton

Favorite Beer Style:  All

Other Interests beyond Beer:  Neuroscience



Title: Squad Member

Hometown: Hartland

Favorite Beer Style:  Pale Ale

Other Interests beyond Beer:  Animals, music, hula hooping, & the Great Outdoors!





Title: Squad Member



Title: Squad Member



Title: Squad Member




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