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We fill growlers! Not all beers are available in growler fills because our brew house is rather small, so beers will come and go. When we get down to our last kegs of a certain beer, we will have to pull it off growler fills. Thank you for understanding. Imperial Series are sometimes available for growlette fills, but not growler fills.

For growler fill availability, call us! 517-295-4904


The following beer list was last updated on 8/19/2016. 


Homebody Series


Michigan Hopped Pale Ale

All Michigan grown hops coming from Top Hops, Hopyards of Kent, and Black Creek Hops. The recipe will rotate with every batch to showcase all the different hops coming out of Michigan. 6%

Torn in Two IPA

An East Coast Style IPA, with citrus and pine notes. The hops do not dominate, but are balanced with the pleasantries of caramel malts.  7%

Naboo Coffee Stout 

A dark, bold, coffee forward stout brewed with a special proprietary blend of coffee, prepared and fresh roasted by a local roaster for Eternity! 6.3%

Graceful Klutz GF IPA

No wheat or barley for a gluten free experience! All the hops of an IPA without the gluten! Now with grapefruit! 6%


Journey Series


Covenant Wheat

This is a hefeweizen style wheat ale with hints of tangerine that dance around the clove and banana characteristics of this classic style. This was on our opening beer list and is now back for the season! 5.6%

The Parting of the Red

A deceiving light hop aroma with flavorful bready malt tones and a crisp, refreshing finish. 

This is Terrible IPA

Straying away from our typical balanced IPAs, this West Coast style IPA is a massive hop bomb. You decide – Terrible or Tasty? 7%


Grandpa's Cabin

Some of our most fond memories as a family were spent at Grandpa's Cabin in the summer time. So, we made our own version of a lager. We are hereby terming the style a "Michigan Lager". We used a Michigan indigenous lager yeast and Michigan hops. It's a lighter style meant for enjoying at the cabin or on your back porch after a long day of yard work. 5% ABV

STAR S'MORES: Episode IV A New Mallow

A semi-sweet, light bodied brown ale that is brewed to taste like a s'more. Yep, no kidding!

Howell Melon Ale

Our American Wheat beer celebrating Howell’s annual Melon Festival! Made with dozens of hand-cut and hand-juiced Howell Melons! 5%



Luxury Series



Rebel Heart Imperial IPA

This IPA is jam-packed with hops and starts with an aromatic bomb of orange zest and pine while finishing with a smooth and warming bitterness suited for any hop head out there. 10% ABV

Electric Ember ESB

Our Endless Summer Break ESB took a long soak in a Chardonnay barrel over the winter. Now it’s ready to come back out for summer 2016! 6.5%


A raspberry, jalapeno imperial hefeweizen!




Seasonal/Other stuff that is now gone...


Seventh Day Imperial Saison

This 8.5% beer is full of spicy phenol flavor, but deceivingly light at the same time. Great on a warm day! 


Our take on the classic Bavarian style served at one of the largest festivals in the world.

Pumpkin Muffin

This beer was made with pumpkin muffins and pumpkin spice and has a well balanced sweetness. 

Pumpkin Pie Porter

Summer has come and gone, so let`s break out the pumpkins! Pumpkin in the mash and pie spice in the boil, it`s time for fall! 

Honey Brown

A toasty presence with a touch of sweetness. 

Vienna Lager

Crisp lager with toast and biscuit characters in the foreground alongside a subtle display of noble hops in the background.

Amber Ale

We let the malt flavors shine through more in this one while giving it a light dry hopping to keep it honest!

Eternal Session IPA

All of the hop punch you`re looking for in an IPA but in a sessionable, light bodied package.

Snake Staff Stout

A chocolatey American style stout with a medium-full body, roasted malts, and a delicate sweetness.

Imperial Complication Ale

Brewed with the Detroit Draft Divas, this 10% ale is bitter like an IPA, drinks like a barley wine, is a ruby brown color and is hopped to be reminiscent of a walk through a pine forest.  

Endless Summer Break ESB

A well balanced ESB brewed for summer. An English style beer meant to be showcased in stark contrast to the American style beers surrounding us!

Vanilla Wafer Brown

 A sweet, cookie-like ale made with actual vanilla wafers! 5.9%

I... Am Your Pilsner

 A crisp and refreshing lager. The perfect beer to enjoy a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away with your father...

Altered Identity Imperial IPA

This smash-mouth IPA is packed with tropical hops that could leave you with...An Altered Identity! 10.3%

Strawberries 'n Cream Ale

An 8% goblet pour of sunshine and strawberries. Slightly sweet and very deceiving.  

Super Seed American Wheat

An easy drinking wheat with a soft, fruity hop profile, and 5.1% ABV. 

Michigan Common

A historically inspired dark, robust porter style grain bill fermented with indigenous Michigan UP lager yeast sourced from a local Michigan yeast lab. For an added touch - made with Michigan hops from Black Creek Hops.

Read these fun articles about historic beer!

Michigan Beer History (Click here!)

History of the Porter (Click here)

Bourbon Barrel Aged Teeko Coffee Stout

(See Teeko Coffee Stout, then age in a bourbon barrel. See what you get.)

Execute Order 66

A malt-hop balanced imperial red IPA. It's meant to be a little malty, but has a ton of simcoe and Amarillo hops to give it the imperial IPA flavors! 

Execute Order 66! - Emperor Palpatine 

Invitation IPA

Invitation IPA features Amarillo hops and is perfect for those who love citrus hoppiness! 6.4%

Humble Manifest Mild

This is our take on the traditional English ale known for a pronounced malt presence and low hop profile. An English yeast compliments the flavor and aroma profile. 5%

Grandma Augie's

A beer that smells and tastes like you are in Grandma's kitchen with fresh baked cookies just in time for the holidays!

Nitro Chocolate Milk Stout

Dark chocolate malt makes this beer rich and roasty. Pouring through a nitro tap makes for a creamy beer experience! 6%  (contains lactose)

Cranberry Tart Berliner Weisse

Cranberry Tart Berliner Weisse is a light bodied, tart beer made with cranberries. A Berliner Weisse is traditionally served with Woodruff syrup. Eternity's has the option of with cranberry syrup or without! Your choice! 4%. (contains lactose)

Angel Dancer Dunkelweizen

Based on Paul Hilse's Award Winning Recipe! This Dunkelweizen is full of traditional banana and clove essence from the yeast during fermentation, yet has a wonderful dark and rich malty character. Paul won Best of Show with his recipe! 5.7%

Light Side of the Black Imperial IPA

An imperial IPA made with copious amounts of Simcoe hops and just happens to be almost black. Join the light side. 10.1%


Curious?! We were too! We threw in Michigan Hopped Pale Ale into a bourbon barrel and aged it with figs. It is a crazy combo that you kinda just have to try for yourself. Bourbon Barrel Aged Figgy Pudding Michigan Hopped Pale Ale! 7% 

Golden Blonde Ale

Simple and to the point, this classic style is smooth, laid back and easy drinking. 

Something Toasty?

This beer was brewed with 100% Michigan malt. We tried a new toasted malt, and you guessed it - the beer is rather toasty! It's kinda like a toasted amber ale. 6.1%

Michigan Birthday Pale Lager 

Happy 179th Birthday, Michigan! We made a special birthday lager to celebrate Michigan's birthday on the 26th. 100% Michigan ingredients! Michigan water, hops, malt, and yeast! This pale lager is light bodied, with a kiss of hops.  

Barley Rancher Scotch Ale

A sweet, caramely ale showcasing its malty side! 7%

Noble Throne Imperial Stout

Heavy chocolate and roasted malt notes. Slightly sweet with a bitterness to back it up. 9% ABV

Bourbon Barrel Aged Noble Throne

A bourbon aroma and flavor-forward imperial stout based on a classic of ours - Noble Throne. Heavy chocolate and roasted malt notes. Slightly sweet with a bitterness to back it up.

Nehemiah Nut Brown

This beer used a Michigan indigenous yeast for fermentation and specialty malt for a light nutty flavor characteristic. 5.1% ABV

Sar-Mer-Kar-Bear Belgian Tripel

A lightly fruity rendition of a Belgian Tripel. It's smooth, light, and delicious! Sar-Bear, Mer-Bear, and Kar-Bear, as they are affectionately known, are just 3 of our wonderful team members here at Eternity, but they are the 3 that have rhyming nicknames! 8% ABV served in a goblet.

Midnight Progress Porter

A smooth, rich porter displaying hints of toffee, molasses, and chocolate with a medium-full body to round it out. 

Leap Year Luau Imperial IPL

This is a hopped up 8.6% lager made with hints of fruity Falconers Flight hops that make your brain think it's summer!

French Breakfast Brown

French Breakfast Brown is a beer for the breakfast lovers out there! Hints of french toast and coffee accompany this brown ale for a flavor suitable for champions. 5.1%

Rye Will Survive RyePA

Assertive hoppiness coupled a complex rye malt balance! 7%

Night Glow Black Lager

Black as the night, but don't be fooled! This crisp lager is refreshing! Perfect for a night balloon glow! 5.5%

Pyrite Fool

Close your eyes and take a whiff - it smells like coffee and chocolate, maybe some sweet caramel malt. It tastes like a creamy, dark chocolate, roasted, malty ale. Some even get a light fruit characteristic out of the dark chocolate notes. Open your eyes now, and look upon a beautiful creamy, golden ale.  

Thirst Again Session IPA

A citrusy, hopped up IPA.  It drinks like a well balanced IPA, but at 5% you won't want to put it down (and that's OK).

Mission Dry Stout

It's dark, it's dry, it's roasty, and it's on nitro! A smooth and creamy stout!

For 5 Years I was Stranded on an Island with only One Goal - Survive

A tropical fruit imperial IPA. Yes, we are nerdy and named this after the famous quote at the beginning of the Green Arrow TV show.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Snake Staff Stout


Our american stout aged in bourbon barrels.









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